Get Cyber Safety Tips from the Best cyber security expert in India.

Prabesh Choudhary is the cyber security consultant & cyber crime Investigator gives here the best practices to sensitize people about their Data to protect from the cyber criminals.

     "In this modern era, we all are surfing on internet day and night. Internet is a vast place to explore and we are not aware about the evil lurking going behind our computer screens, this is the era of Netizens and thus, we need to be preventive from the scams and threats happening online which are commonly described as Cyber Threat or cybercrime. Here we have shared some tips which helps the user to make their privacy more secure."

Never Download any file or application from Untrusted Sender

25 MAY 2016

Never Download any file or application from Untrusted Sender We will suggest you not to download any audio/file/video material from Untrusted source like torrents or malicious websites. These files can contain virus and can even hack your phone which will put your phone at risk. You should download the material from only trusted sources such as Google Play Store for application.

Never Click on unwanted or suspicious links

22 JUN 2016

In latest studies, links are the major source behind black hat works. Links have been found everywhere, either in ads or in videos or someone can send you, these can make your device at risk. Never click on a link which seems to be suspicious and be cautious about the source of that link. These links may contain fake pages which is known as phishing. If by mistake, you click there, it can reveal your credentials to the attackers.

Always keep your privacy settings on

10 JULY 2016

Web and mobile search engines have your complete information. In market, your personal and professional information has a lot more value which you can’t even imagine of. Major websites like Facebook stores your private data and you need to now enable your privacy settings. Make your privacy settings enhanced and your data can be at low risk as well as try your best to provide your personal information only where it is necessary.

Be careful what you post

30 JULY 2016

ternet never has a permanent delete option. So, if you have posted any stuff online, then possibility is that it stays online forever. There is no way for you to “take back” a remark which you never wanted to show publicly. So be cautious while you are posting any stuff because even after your deletion, you can never trace back the multiple copies which have been generated by internet users.

Buy products from Trusted shopping sites

5 AUG 2016

Recent studies reveal that most of the cyber victims have faced online shopping fraud where they have purchased an item from an untrusted source or from individuals. You should buy material only from big and trusted shopping sites like amazon and flipkart instead of private sellers. You can find various individuals selling same material in low price but that can be a fraud. So, stay safe while paying your hard-earned money to anyone.

Safe Practices in Private tab

19 AUG 2016

Many times, when you do online net banking, then you usually login to various suspicious sources to make the payment done. Before doing any net payment, you should be clear about the receiver or sender and should report immediately if he seems to be suspect. We will prefer you that kindly use Private incognito tabs to make payments because they will not store your password and data as usual.

Antivirus Installation in your device

1 SEP 2016

Though there are many antivirus software available in the market. You can get a premium one installed in your device and then must activate it. This will at least protect your password from suspicious activities and malwares. Your device can be more secure but prefer Premium antivirus only.

Stay away from unwanted Mails

1 SEP 2016

You should not open any unwanted email or which has been sent in your spam. These mails contain harmful links which can redirect you to any malicious website, or can be used to do phishing. As well as, these mails may contain data which can put your device at risk. So, before opening any such mail, or clicking on any link, you can prefer to copy the link and paste it at which can provide you the details of the link. This how, you can save yourself from entering into any trap.

Choosing Strong Passwords

1 SEP 2016

Strong passwords play an important role when surfing on internet. Instead of keeping your name/DOB/pet name as your password, choose a strong password which can’t be guessed. This should include special characters, numerical and alphabets in both cases. This will secure your account and it would be difficult for an attacker to crack that. You can make your accounts at those websites which have complexity-password system installed for registration or login.

Use private accounts on social Media

1 SEP 2016

It is an easy job for a hacker or attacker to get your personal information or professional data by your social media accounts. You should be cautious to not post embarrassing selfies of the party night and posting something which can make you feel regret. Instead of this, post on a private account. In most of the social media, now you can switch to private account where only your trusted followers can view what you share or post. This will minimize the risk of data theft as well as be careful while allowing someone to follow you.